2 Frogs Were Married in India

The strange event took place in the Indian state of Karnataka. In accordance with Indian tradition, two frogs were married in South India in order to please the rain god.

In recent months, it has not rained in the coastal regions of India. Thereupon, the people of the region held a strange wedding ceremony in the city of Udupi in India‘s Karnataka state. 2 The frog was decorated with a small wreath and flowers and prepared for the wedding. Frogs were married at the wedding ceremony attended by the residents of the region.

The inhabitants of Udupi believe that by marrying frogs, they will please the rain gods and thus rain. The people of the region, who caught a frog from different villages before the ceremony, married the animals with the ceremony they organized. After the ceremony was over, the married frogs were sent on their honeymoon to Manipal, another city in Karnataka state. According to the organizers, the newlywed frogs will enjoy their blissful union by honeymooning in Manipal.

According to Indian belief, indra is considered the god of sky, rain, storm and war. It is thought that as a result of this ceremony, Indra will be pleased and it will rain.

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