Some things don’t have to be there to follow. Thanks to the internet, we can easily access everything.. In fact, there is a similar situation in following fashion.. We do not necessarily have to be in Fashion Weeks and watch the fashion shows in person.. It can be said that looking at the streets during fashion weeks is enough.. Here’s what caught the cameras from the streets during the FALL-WINTER 2014 MILAN FASHION WEEK.

I love the embroideries on these jackets, just like on the hat.. And of course, there are tulle skirts.. We continue to use it in all lengths of short-medium-long. Hats, on the other hand, continue to experience their hit periods.

When you think of autumn/winter, please don’t only think of grays-blacks-whites.. We color a lot, we color it. If you are thinking of buying a coat, I say it should be the most colorful of the most abundant.

In the 2014-2015 period, everything is either too big or too small.. Fashion is not just taking a piece, fitting it on you, and making combinations.. Apart from being able to fit it yourself, you also need to know how to carry that piece.. Otherwise, everything can look very quiet on you.

I said before that everything is oversized. Bags, coats, sweaters, accessories… Let’s have your grandparents knit thick woolen sweaters.. Because this year, we will use these sweaters on skirts, jeans, tights and everything.

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