Even though I haven’t been able to fully go on holiday these days when summer continues, I’ve been thinking about autumn and winter shopping.. I intend to select the options for all kinds of clothes, make my selections and complete the shopping with point shots.. One of these pieces is a cut boot.. Of course, there are those who are still in fashion from last season, but I want to go over all of them and give new shoppers an idea about the 2014 boot fashion.

The first of these is biker boots or biker boots.. It seems that we can continue to use these boots, which started to become fashionable in the winter season of 2013, until the end of this year.. I think many of you definitely have one of a kind, from the simplest to the most punchy.. I bought mine last year from Deichmann (you will be directed to the page if you click on it) for 69 TL. This year, apart from wearing tights, combine these boots with pencil skirts or a floral chiffon dress.. I guarantee they will be more impressive with feminine pieces.

There are also cowboy boots, of course.. Since the trend of pointy-toed shoes will continue in winter, cowboy boots will actually serve this trend.. If you want to soften the hard look of these boots, choose the ones with floral patterns as above (I love them!!! 🙂 ). I found this flowery model on Zizigo, you will see many examples of this and many more on the site.

I think these cut-out boots are this year’s favorite. It is obvious that they stopped very different and rebellious, isn’t it? Prices in Deichman start from 70TL and go up to 150TL.

My preference will definitely and definitely be these cut-out boots

I want to buy one before the summer ends and wear it with my shorts and mini skirts.

What will be your preference among 2014 boots fashion?

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