A blend of castor oil and cocoa butter that lengthens lashes

The miracle of castor oil and cocoa butter from vegetable oil mixtures for long eyelashes!

If you want, you can nourish and lengthen your eyelashes with vegetable oils in a short time.

Long eyelashes always make your eyes look more attractive. And it makes it deep. Long eyelashes are the leading role in the 2015 make-up trends. You can check it out here. If you don’t take special care of your lashes, they will fall out and get thinner over time. Since the mascaras used constantly damage the lashes, you should definitely clean your eye makeup gently in the evening without leaving any residue. Then apply the vegetable oil mixture we have provided for you to your lashes. For cocoa mixture;

Boil a glass of water and put 12 grams of castor oil, 12 grams of cocoa butter. Mix this mixture well and fill it with hot water. Keep mixing in another bowl. When it comes to a creamy consistency, let it cool at room temperature.

Apply this mixture to your eyelashes while removing your make-up at night for 15 days and getting ready for bed. Alternatively, at the end of 15 days, you can use Vaseline to lengthen and fill your lashes and eyelashes.

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