Are you ready to change with me in 8 weeks?

The young man who broke the diet he started every Monday, on Tuesday… Madam..

The gentleman who has hated his belly for years…


Would you like to change physically, spiritually and mentally and embrace that brand new person who will come out of you?

The place you haven’t visited, the center you haven’t been to – there is no doctor left, but do you still suffer from the same problem?

Then what if I told you that I prepared a wonderful gift that will stay with you for the rest of your life? How to feed you, understand sports, the first 5 KM of your life. If I told you that you would go for a run and enjoy it very much.. What if I told you that you will stay at your ideal weight for the rest of your life without ever needing a specialist?

I promise you a mental, emotional and spiritual change in eight weeks, not physical.. because i do this. In this wonderful program that I have prepared for you, I will serve you with a wonderful team of my dietitians, nutritionist, contracted sports center, fitness trainers, personal development experts, aesthetic surgeon and beauty experts.. You will never be the same person when we drop you off at the stop where we picked you up.

The 8 Week Exchange Program is a first in Turkey. Me and my team of experts made the announcement on social media with the title ‘A new me in eight weeks’. Nutrition Specialist İlker Çağlayan, Sports Instructor Tuğrul Çağrı Yılmazer, Operator Doctor Serdar Bora Bayraktaroğlu, Professional Coach and Trainer Müge Çevik, Breathing Instructor Nevşah F. We provide counseling to 12 selected candidates of Karamehmet, where they will learn to stay fit throughout their lives by getting stronger both physically and mentally.

  • The determination as 8 weeks is based on a scientific basis.. Change in 8 weeks is actually a standard routine program applied in the world.. This is me, a Good Life Design system created by Ayşe Tolga. Participants in the 8-Week Exchange Program experience a positive change not only physically but also mentally and spiritually throughout the process.. They receive sessions from life coaches and many personal development experts, especially yoga and breathing, that will improve their quality of life and help them solve mental and spiritual difficulties that they could not solve throughout their lives.. In addition to weight loss, we say they lose their old negative mental patterns.. Ayşe Tolga, who is also a holistic therapist herself, believes that human beings are spiritually, physically and mentally as a whole and that everyone is separate from each other like fingerprints.. Losing weight or exercising should be the same personality.. For this reason, change in 8 weeks actually implements a program that will give people the positive mental, spiritual and physical strength to get to know themselves and cope with all kinds of situations that happen to them in their lives.. For those involved in 8 Week Change, the priorities we address are body, mind, spirit, and emotion.. It is our goal for those who complete this program to be Good Life Ambassadors who will have the knowledge and equipment to maintain their ideal weight without going to a nutritionist throughout their lives.. Spiritual energy sources in the process; unity, togetherness, integrity and support. In addition to the trainers who are experts in their fields, especially myself, the support they give to each other ensures high motivation
  • To learn the application requirements and apply as a participant: [email protected]

What are we doing? Watch…

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