Benefits of Egg White for Face and Egg White Face Mask Recipe

Egg white is the clear, juicy part that surrounds a cooked or raw egg.. Egg white is an ideal product to add to skin and hair care masks, thanks to its high-quality protein content.. Egg white face mask can give you a smooth and firm skin.

Benefits of egg white face mask to the skin

Shortens skin pores

Enlarged pores resemble a channel that collects dirt, oil and dead cells, and they pave the way for white pimples, acne or blackheads.. Active amino acids and heavy enzymes in the egg white act as a filler that fills the pores of the skin and shrinks the follicles; It improves texture and skin quality, shrinks enlarged pores.

Cleanses the skin deeply

Unlike other chemical skin care products, egg white is natural like lysozyme. Deeply cleanses the skin as it contains bio-enzymes. These enzymes remove dirt and oil accumulations, making the skin healthier and cleaner.

Tightens the skin

Egg white face mask, by accelerating the cell proliferation process, tightens your pores. Thus, you will encounter less acne and blackhead problems.

Removes excess oil from the skin

Egg white mask is also effective on oily skin with its natural drying feature.. When applied to the skin, it helps to reduce the appearance of acne, blemishes and scars by absorbing excess oil. You will notice a significant reduction in the appearance of blackheads.

How to make an egg white face mask?

Wash your face with water and dry it with a towel before applying the mask.

Crack one egg and separate the yolk.

Beat the egg white with a fork or whisk until it forms a fine foam.

Apply this foam directly to your face and let it dry.

After drying, wash with water and dry with a towel.

In case of skin inflammation, rash, itching, that is, if the egg is allergic to your skin , one more egg mask do not use. These symptoms indicate that you are allergic to one of the egg mask ingredients.

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