Blonde Hair Brown Wheat Skin Which Skin Suits Who?

Which skin and who does blond hair suit? Care Tips

Many women have thought about dyeing their hair blonde once in their lives.. But “does blonde hair suit me?” Some people gave up on this dream because of their anxiety.. There are various shades of blond hair color and it is possible to find a suitable tone according to your skin color.

Who Does Blonde Hair Suit?

This subject is from the person. varies from person to person. However, it can be said that blonde hair looks better on white skinned people.. Blonde hair suits every woman, provided that she chooses the right color tone.. Blonde hair is not just a single color, it is available in different tones such as baby blonde, platinum blonde, copper blonde, honey blonde, golden blonde, light brown blonde, amber blonde and ashy blonde.. Ladies with dark skin color should be very careful to find the appropriate tone when choosing blonde hair color.. Thus, it will be possible for them to achieve an impressive appearance.

We advise brunette women to keep the roots of their hair a little darker, and turn towards lighter blonde tones towards the ends.. You will not leave your interest in yellow with yellow ombre or yellow packages to be thrown from time to time.

In general, all yellow tones suit fair-skinned women.. But professional hairdressers recommend opening the hair to platinum and say that it will look more beautiful.

Ashy tones of blonde are most suitable for wheat-skinned women; Colors such as ashy auburn, ashy honey foam and ashy yellow are among these.. If you are a wheat-skinned woman, you should go for cold tones, not warm tones.. Dark blonde tones are more suitable for you.

If you have white skin and colored eyes, you should try blonde hair color.. However, you should also know that blond hair needs constant care.

Blonde Hair Care Recommendations

Don’t be intimidated by blonde hair care. If you continue to care regularly, your hair will maintain its vitality, volume and shine, which will make you very happy.. Thus, your self-confidence will never decrease and you will always be in the foreground.

You should not wash your hair with extremely hot water.. Otherwise, your hair will lose its vitality and moisture.. If you have dyed your hair blonde, you should take care to use warm water while bathing.

You can use coconut oil to care for blonde hair.. Apply by massaging from root to tip and wait for half an hour and wash your hair.. Then say welcome to soft and shiny hair!

Another natural oil used in hair care is olive oil.. You can nourish and strengthen your hair by making an olive oil mask for blonde hair. Take a teaspoon of ground cinnamon, half a tea glass of honey and half a tea glass of olive oil in a bowl and mix them.. Then apply the mixture you have prepared to the roots of your hair and wait for 30 minutes.. We recommend that you do this before taking a shower.. It would be better if you take a bath half an hour after applying the mask.. You should not neglect to apply at least 2 times a week.. Thus, your hair will look shiny and well-groomed.

Almond oil mask is also beneficial for those with blond hair color.. Since almond oil contains the substances that hair needs, it will provide you with lively and shiny hair.. Hair-repairing almond oil is perfect for damaged hair.. If you want to make effective hair care with almond oil, you can reach your goal with 1 teaspoon of almond and 1 banana.. Crush and mix these two ingredients. Apply it to your hair and leave it on your hair for 15 minutes.. Wash off with lukewarm water when time is up. Make sure to apply at least 3 times a week.. In this way, you protect your hair against wear, dullness and weakening.

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