Care for Eyelashes with Castor Oil

No one can deny the meaning and beauty of having long and full eyelashes.. How to care for eyelashes with castor oil so that they grow faster? How to choose the right castor oil? Details of the care recommendation with castor oil for long and full eyelashes, which many women want to have, making the eyes more attractive, are at esraninportresi.com.

Lashes Care with Castor Oil: You know very well the power of eyebrows and eyelashes to reveal our facial features and expressions.. We have shared very detailed articles on eyebrow structure before, those who do not read can also access articles such as “how to have eyebrows suitable for face shape”. That’s why today’s topic is eyelashes. When I think of eyelashes and looks, the first thing that comes to my mind is Türkan Şoray. Many of us have imagined how beautiful it would be to have eyes and looks like hers.. Even if it is not like hers, it is possible to have stronger and longer eyelashes with proper care.. Even if you don’t have a problem with your lashes, lashes that are structurally very delicate and very prone to shedding require good care.. Due to the strong winds of autumn approaching after the sea and the sun, shedding and thinning of the eyelashes may increase.. That’s why we’ve dedicated today to care for eyelashes.

Care for Eyelashes with Castor Oil

Castor oil is one of the first natural oils that comes to mind for those who want their eyelashes away from the natural way. Castor oil, which has beneficial effects on the skin, is also suitable for eyebrows.. The most remarkable feature of castor oil is its rapid absorption.. Its rapid absorption is also a major factor in its effect in a shorter time.. If your eyelashes are falling off, breaking, if you want them to grow faster and look healthier, castor oil should be one of the natural oils you must have in your home.. You should start taking care of castor oil before the cold weather, which causes eyelashes and eyebrows to be damaged more easily, starts to take effect.

You can find many castor oils on the market.. However, the issue of how to choose castor oil is of great importance here.. Check if the oil you will buy is cold pressed by looking at the box.. Because our preference will be cold pressed. This means no heat (27 degrees) in the final stage of oil extraction..

After choosing our castor oil, it’s time to decide how to care for eyelashes. Before applying the oil directly to the eyelashes, clean your face and in the last step wash your face with cold water.. Gently remove excess water from your face with a paper towel.

With an ear stick, You can of course, but my suggestion is to use a clean mascara brush for easier application and better distribution of the oil on the eyelashes.. You can find them in cosmetic stores or use your old mascara brush after cleaning it thoroughly..

Let’s move on to the application steps; After dipping the mascara brush into the oil, you apply the oil to the eyelashes as if you were applying mascara from the roots to the ends of the eyelashes.. It is useful to apply it carefully so that it does not go into your eyes while applying it to the eyelashes.. Sleep like this at night after applying the oil to all eyelashes.. When you wake up in the morning, it is enough to do it with cold water.. You can do this every night.

For eyelashes: You can use castor oil alone to care for eyelashes, or you can mix other natural ingredients.. These can be olive oil, you can mix sweet almond oil, e-vitamins.

Those who want to have stronger-longer eyelashes, natural lashes looking for solutions with ways. Ideas for making serum for eyelashes that can be easily done at home and eyelash care suggestions to be applied regularly at esraninportra–> making serum for eyelashes

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