Crusting of the skin of the scalp and shedding of the skin on the head

Scalp ailments lead to flaking and crusting of the skin. These skin disorders can occur due to many problems such as psoriasis, eczema, dry scalp, dandruff, fungus, oily eczema, shingles. helps you. Of course, you can also get good results from the natural solutions you can apply at home. We have compiled the natural solutions for you, our dear readers, in the article below.

The Most Effective Herbal Solutions for Scalp Loss and Scalp Crusification

Tea Tree Oil

 Tea tree oil is a natural oil that nourishes and moisturizes the hair. Tea tree oil is very effective against flaking and crusting on the skin, as well as preventing dandruff on the scalp.. Tea tree oil removes microbes in the hair with its antibacterial properties.. And it strengthens the hair roots and makes them healthier.. It even prevents hair loss. Put 1 teaspoon of tea tree oil in 1 glass of water.. And feed this mixture by massaging your scalp.. If you use this mixture once a week, you can prevent hair loss.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar applied to the hair stops the scalp from shedding and PH balances its value. Eliminates dead skin on the scalp. Allows hair to breathe. It prevents bacteria and fungus formation on the scalp and makes your hair stronger.Put 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar in 1 glass of water and mix it.. Rub your scalp with this mixture and apply to the scalp.. After waiting for about 20 minutes, wash your hair. You can apply it 1-2 times a week.


Aspirin is widely used in skin care, body health and hair care.. Aspirin is very useful for hair and scalp diseases.. This is why dermatologists also recommend aspirin.. Aspirin, which makes the hair look shiny, also heals the hair fungus.. Solicylic acid has antibacterial properties. Aspirin is also a drug containing salicylic acid.. Therefore, it renews the dead cells on the scalp and makes your hair roots grow healthier.. Add 1 crushed aspirin into your shampoo and shake it. Massage into your hair and wash your hair after about 5 minutes. Take advantage of the amazing power of aspirin and see the difference.

Jojoba Oil

Jojoba oil It is one of the most effective oils that removes shedding, crusting and flaking on the scalp.. It moisturizes the scalp well by removing excess oil from the scalp. It also accelerates the healing of fungus in the hair. If you don’t have it at home, you can buy it from a trusted herbalist.. You can care for your hair with jojoba oil before going to bed at night How? Drop a few drops of jojoba oil on your hand and massage your scalp with this oil for 2-3 minutes and feed it thoroughly.. After sleeping like that for one night, you can shampoo your hair and remove oil the next day. There is no harm in applying it a few times a week.

Aloe Vera Gel

Your hair is moisturized. Aloe vera gel, which plays an important role in gaining hair growth, prevents dryness by feeding hair follicles.. You can find aloe vera gel in places that sell cosmetic products. If you want to buy aloe vera plant and use the gel, you can buy it from garden markets. Take a milkshake of aloe vera gel in your palm and feed it to the hair roots by making circular movements.. After waiting for about 30 minutes, you can wash it with warm water. Tear off the leaf of the aloe vera plant from the bottom.. You can say goodbye to dryness by cutting the leaf in half and applying the gel inside the hair root in the same way.

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