Electric Highway Opened in Germany

Germany continues its new projects on technology without slowing down. The 10-kilometer-long highway project that will chargetrucks and tow trucks on the go will be tested by 2022. In the project prepared by the Siemens company, the first electric road built on the right lane of the highway in a region close to the city of Frankfurt is still in the testing phase.

eHighway The 10 kilometer long road called After removing the system on trucks and tow trucks, energy is transferred from the cables above and starts the charging process. When vehicles leave the road, they can continue on their way with a diesel engine.

Vehicles that want to benefit from the system on the road must not exceed 90 km . Not every vehicle can benefit from the existing system, special equipment is required in order to benefit from the system. Vehicle manufacturers have already started preparations for models compatible with the eHighway system.

The system, which does not interfere with the flow of traffic on the highway, will be tested until 2022. At the end of the test period, the authorities will decide to expand or cancel the system.

It is emphasized that a 40-ton tow truck with 100 thousand kilometers of electric road will save 20 thousand Euros. The manufacturing company stated that this system has an environmentally friendly structure and stated that CO2 emissions will be minimized if the energy to be used is supplied from renewable sources.

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