Great bun hair ideas you can do at home

Great ideas for bun models that you can easily make yourself at home!

We have prepared great compilations of trendy hairstyles of the year for bun hair, which is the favorite of young girls. So made messy buns, elegant and romantic buns, evening dress buns and french braided low From many ideas such as bun models, you can make a new bun yourself at home in a short time.

When you do not have time to wash or blow dry your hair, easy-made bun models can always be your savior.

Especially made ordinary and with hair bands and hairpins. You can create wonderful hairstyles with embellished buns. perfection with an elegant, simple, stylish bun hairstyle…

2. Romantic and feminine buns with headbands

Make any headband out of glitter, lace, metallic and scarves or wear it nicely on your bun from the ones you have at home. Secure the headband with hairpins behind the ear to keep it in place.

3. Ccol !

4 with a French braided low bun. Elegant and feminine with a side bun

5. If you are looking for an original and stylish bun for a party, this may be the perfect choice.

6. If you want to make a different and mixed bun model, this bun model made of many twists is worth trying…

7. You can use the twisted neck bun in the office and in special meals.

8- You can look more romantic and elegant with the braided bun model.

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