Hadise’s Ambitious Stage Costume and Dance Video Rocked Social Media

Singer Hadise, who attracted attention with her posts on her social media account, chose an extremely bold outfit for the Germany concert. Hadise’s dance images shared on her social media account after the concert were appreciated by her fans.

Hadise started an intense tour with the end of her television projects. The singer, who has millions of fans, works hard for her summer concerts.

The Stage Costume She Chosen Gets Attention

The popular singer is going to give a concert in Germany after her Ereğli concert. he set out and took his breath in Germany. Hadise’s swimsuit-like stage costume, which was specially prepared for the concert, attracted attention. The famous singer took the pain of the previous year with this year’s stage performance.

Danced with Her Brave Dress After the Concert

Hadise, her stage performance at the Germany concert and her popular songs He had a good time with the audience. She shared the video of her dancing with her brave stage outfit after the concert with her fans. Hadise’s dance video reached 600 thousand views in a short time. Here is that dance video that shook social media…

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