How Can We Allocate Time for Running in the Bustle of Business?

You all have a friend who you think never sleeps at night. This friend has a full time job. He also dedicates time to volunteering projects.. As if that wasn’t enough, he also has time for a daily run so his body looks great.. He achieves all these in a certain routine.. Where does he find his time, do you think he is not sleeping for sure? Of course! Maybe he has superpowers. But it is more likely that they slept perfectly at night! Because they know that when they wake up in the morning, they know that sleep is the most essential element to perform at their best during the day.

If others can do it and you want to be a superhero who can manage the daily running schedule, follow the 5 steps that show you how to do it!

  • Set a time and stick to your schedule:
  • Perhaps the idea of ​​running a marathon appeals to you. But you’ve already given up on the idea because of your job or family and you feel unhappy.. Instead of overloading yourself and insisting on a marathon, start with small goals and create a fitness calendar.. While doing this, you have to be honest with yourself and your program should be 100% inside you.. If you don’t feel ready to make a running calendar yet, take a breath and give yourself time to feel ready.. Just take a look at your current plan. Maybe you have time for a 5km run a day.. It doesn’t necessarily have to be 10km! Even though these types of runs are sprints, they are more attainable so you can stick to your daily running goals.. Also, if your dream of participating in a marathon will come true when you have enough time in the future, these runs will be preparations for you now.

  • Focus on success:
  • It’s not for nothing that the saying is popular: “If you don’t stick to your program, you’ve programmed failure.” How true! As I mentioned in the first item, if you create a daily plan for running and don’t stick to it, you are already guaranteed failure.. Being prepared for situations that may create obstacles or excuses will increase your chances of success! For example:

    • Always have a gym bag close at hand in your office or car. If your running clothes are with you, you are always ready!
    • Your travel calendar and weekend calendar should be clear.. This way, when you encounter an unexpected schedule, you can clearly decide what to replace with your running schedule.
    • Time with your friends should not interfere with running.. Add these fun times to the calendar too. (But stick to the calendar!)
  • Enjoy your rest days:
  • If you too have wasted your rest day If you are one of those determined runners who think that it is too valuable to waste, think of this as follows: You can use this day to devote time to other tasks, also consider it as a discharge for the new week that awaits you.. Rest day is the time to give your body some time off to heal itself.. Make good use of this time to determine your meal schedule and sports calendar more healthily.. Consider these precious times a time of well-deserved relaxation and relaxation!

    If you still feel like you can’t sit still, there are other ways to get your body moving! You can go for a walk, cycle, do yoga or go on a real bike tour.. Even the days when sports are not on your schedule are necessary and valuable for sports! Because during these times you spend time with your friends, and with the support you get from them, you will be motivated enough to become a strong runner!

  • Have a responsible partner:
  • Running in a group can be interesting, motivates you to increase your pace. You will be among the running enthusiasts and this strengthens your belonging.. However, it may be more advantageous to have only one partner.. Knowing that there is someone waiting for you at sunrise will keep you from running or falling asleep again.

  • Embrace your morning jogs:
  • I know you’re lamenting reading this much-heard advice; but morning is the best time and that’s the truth of the matter! The busier your daytime schedule is, the easier it is to skip running at the end of the day.. The only time they can spare for a daily run is midnight, but very few people manage to do it.. If you promise yourself that you’ll jog after work is done and you don’t stick to your word, it’s time to take a morning jog!

    Studies show that morning joggers are more productive and make healthier choices for the rest of the day.. The reason for this is mostly explained by endorphins, but I think it’s a bigger factor that they start the day by enjoying the morning.. It gives a different pleasure to start the day while everyone is sleeping and to witness the awakening of the voice of life! You should definitely try it.

    If you still don’t feel ready for running after all these, it’s time to think.. At least find yourself new activities. As soon as the idea of ​​running starts to feel warm to you, embrace it and continue.

    I wish you a day full of sports,


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