How to Apply Nail Polish Without Bleeding?

If the question of how to apply nail polish without overflowing is a problem for you, you can easily apply your nail polish without overflowing by following the steps I will share here.. Light colors are more comfortable than dark colors in this regard.. However, the slightest overflow in dark nail polishes causes a very bad appearance.

There is no single answer to the question of how to apply nail polish without overflowing.. Here, I will share with you a few different methods, and by choosing whichever method you want, you will have solved the problem of applying nail polish without overflowing.

1. How to Apply Nail Polish Without Overflowing Classic Method

To apply a lot of nail polish without overflowing is actually the most well-known method.. The more you practice, the more comfortable and faster you can drive without overflowing.. What should we pay attention to while doing this;

  • First of all, if you are going to use dark nail polish, you need to clean the meat of your nails, and it will be easier to get a perfect look if you nail them.


  • First of all, apply a base on your nails in dark nail polish.. This base can be transparent nail polish or nail strengthening and anti-breakage nail polishes.

Why is it important to use nail polish base?

Especially dark nail polishes can penetrate the skin from our cuticles and dark nail polishes are the most damaging to the skin and nails.. This is the most important benefit of the base application. However, another benefit is that even if you remove dark nail polishes, the residue of that color will remain on your nails and it will be twice as difficult to clean your nails.. Thanks to the base you apply, your nails can be easily cleaned in one go.

  • After applying some, wait for it to dry completely.
  • You can start applying the first coat of nail polish on the dried base.
  • Then. We start to apply the nail polish from the bottom of your cuticles to the tip and from the middle of the nail.
  • It is very important to get enough nail polish on the brush.
  • Do not forget to remove the excess nail polish from the brush.
  • After applying the first layer, it’s time for the second layer.
  • For dark nail polishes, it is necessary to apply 2 layers to achieve the full color.
  • You can apply the nail polish again starting from the middle of your nails in the second layer.
  • Apply nail polish to all of your nails carefully and slowly, filling in the gaps at the edges.

2. The Method of Applying Nail Polish without Overflowing with Peelable Nail Polish

It would not be wrong to say that there is a solution for everything now.. No matter how hard you try, if you can’t apply nail polish without overflowing or you can’t get a perfect look as you want, there is another easy answer to the question of how to apply nail polish without overflowing.. This is peel off nail polish.

Peel off nail polish; It is a type of nail polish that can be applied to the cuticle and can be easily peeled off after drying.. Designed to apply nail polish without overflowing. Well, let’s answer the question of how to apply the nail polish with peelable nail polish without overflowing.

  • Firstly, we apply the nail polish base to your nails that you have prepared for applying nail polish and wait for it to dry.
  • Around the dried nails, that is, the part where we do not want the nail polish to smear. we apply the peelable nail polish.
  • Then we apply two layers of nail polish as I mentioned above.
  • The peelable nail polish will dry quite quickly, but don’t forget to wait for it to dry.
  • The nail polish on your nails is completely dry. After it dries, peel off the peelable nail polish with the help of tweezers.
  • It’s that simple.

3. Method of Applying Nail Polish without Overflowing with Nail Polish Tape

3. The answer is nail polish tapes, you can find these tapes in cosmetic stores.. Extremely simple to apply. Nail polish tape is sold as liquid in stores such as gratis.. In fact, this is just like peelable nail polish, but there are also bands that are cut abroad to fit directly on your nail and completely wrap your nail skin.. If you find such tapes, you can place them directly on your nails and apply the nail polish.

4. Applying nail polish without overflowing by using a nail polish application apparatus

These apparatuses are apparatus designed as silicone.. Another practical method for the question of how to apply nail polish without overflowing.. You can find this type of apparatus in cosmetic markets.. Put the apparatus on your nails and apply easily without worrying about overflowing the nail polish.. The advantage of these apparatus is that it can be used continuously, that is, it will be more economical since it is not a disposable or run-out product.

In this article, I shared with you 4 different nail polish time methods without overflowing.. These; It was the classical groping technique, peelable nail polish, nail polish application with nail polish tape and nail polish application apparatus.. You can eliminate the problem of overflow by applying any of these methods and the easiest method for you.

You can share your opinions and suggestions with me in the comment section and follow us here.

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