How to choose evening dresses according to body type

Summer is approaching, which indicates that special days such as weddings and engagements are approaching. In order to buy a new evening dress on these special days, you need to know your body type. The most basic rule in choosing evening dresses is to choose an evening dress model that suits your body type. You can wear it in a different way, enchant everyone with your evening dress that suits your body better. First learn your body type and then choose an evening dress model in the trend colors of the 2015 spring summer season that will suit you best.. How to choose an evening dress according to your body type take a look at our list below…

Choosing an evening dress for hourglass body type

If your body type is hourglass-shaped, you should have a larger chest, It means you have a thin waist and larger hips. The most suitable evening dress models for your body type; These are fish dress models that fit the waist perfectly.. If you want a different cut, you can choose evening dress models that stick to the hips and hips and are more fluffy or tulle descending. Also, prefer solid color models instead of evening dresses with very large patterned fabrics.

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Choosing an evening dress for pear body type

If you have a body shape such as small chest, narrow shoulders, thin waist, large hips, then You reflect the pear body type.. The important details you need to know when choosing a pear body type evening dress; It is to show your body more proportional. For this, you should choose clothes and evening dresses that will make the upper part of your body wider and the hips narrower. When choosing evening dress models, choose dresses that fully cover your upper side, strapless, open shoulders, etc., and choose evening dress models with a chiffon lower part. .

Choosing an evening dress for apple body type

If your body type is apple shaped, it means you have a shorter and thicker neck area, broad shoulders, thick waist and small hips.. If you have this type of apple body shape, when choosing evening dresses, you should choose models that leave the neck part open, you can look more elegant in this way. There are different ways to make your body look perfect by hiding your unpleasant parts. So you can choose dresses that make you feel comfortable and confident and cover up unwanted areas. The most important thing for an apple-shaped woman to keep in mind is to choose a dress in loose material that glides gently over the tummy. See also; 7 outfits and fashion tips to hide the belly, tummy

Highlight your legs; When your legs are thinner, don’t hide them with maxi dresses, always choose mini evening dresses that will make you look the most enviable and gorgeous of your body.. V-neck dresses are an ideal choice for apple body shape.

Take a closer look at our gallery to see evening dress models according to body types!

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