How to Wear and Combine Velvet Dresses?

The type of fabric that never goes out of style is undoubtedly velvet.. Velvets are indispensable parts of the autumn-winter season.. Velvets, the leading clothes of the cold months, are always at the top of the fashion world.. What makes it a leader is not only that it keeps it warm, but also that it reflects colors exactly, gives a silky touch feeling and gives a noble appearance.

Wide use ranging from sitting groups to all kinds of dresses and even underwear. I also often prefer velvets with a range of. And I’m very happy about that too because it’s a rich, tactile and sensual fabric.. It’s not uncommon for me to notice that most celebrities wear velvet in the fall-winter season.. I guess I am involuntarily selective in perception because I love velvet so much.. Turns out I wasn’t the only one who liked velvets!

In this article, I will include some information that I think will be a guide for velvet lovers like me.. While trying to answer questions such as How to wear velvet dresses? How to combine velvet?, I will also add some photos to reinforce the subject.

Check out the suggestions below to witness the magic of velvet between elegance and seduction.. Here are some tips on velvet clothing…

Choice of Velvets

Velvets are fabric types with excellent color display. All colors appear more intense and eye-catching on velvet.. However, choosing the color that suits your style is one of the most important rules of dressing well.. If you want to create a sexy style, choose darker and more intense colors.. When you say dark, the first thing that comes to your mind should not be black; Dark tones of blue, green or burgundy should be your first choice.

If you say “looking sexy is not my style” and you want to create a more romantic atmosphere, consider pastel colors.. I am sure that you will have an eye-catching elegance in silky velvets with pastel colors.

Velvet Dress Selection

Depending on your age, style and work environment, you can determine the length of your velvet dresses. To join less formal environments, you can choose a velvet dress above the knee cap and not choose accessories.

On the other hand, if you are going to attend formal occasions, it would be beneficial for your velvet dress to be a little longer in length.. Complete your outfit with a small handbag and a simple yet elegant ring or necklace.. I would also like to point out that velvets are not clothes that require too many accessories.. Since it reflects the colors exactly, too many and sparkly accessories will make you get lost in the outfit.. That’s why, the simpler the better!

You may have preferred velvet for an important dinner meeting in the winter season.. I think you made a very good choice.. Indeed, an elegant woman in a long velvet dress is a queen! How Does? Take a look at the image below.

Shoe Selection Based on Velvet Dresses

OK, accept I agree, velvet clothes are not suitable for all work environments. But it is so easy to change the style of the dresses made of this fabric with small touches! For example, let’s say you have a velvet suit consisting of trousers and a jacket.. You can create a more sporty combination by wearing lace-up shoes under velvet trousers, and you can create a more formal combination by wearing high-heeled stiletto shoes under the same suit.

Choosing a Velvet Jacket

If you are going to combine a velvet outfit with one piece, I agree, your job may be a little difficult.. But the good news is that this challenge does not apply to velvet jackets.. Velvet jackets are great single pieces that can be easily combined with other pieces.. It is also pleasant and comfortable to wear.. A black jacket on a white shirt or a sax blue jacket over your black top will make a nice combination.

Choice of Velvet Shirts

Just as linen pants are great choices for summer months, velvet shirts are perfect for winter months.. If you want to create a one-piece velvet style and you have a velvet shirt in your wardrobe, you can create beautiful combinations.. However, I would like to point out that such a combination reflects the street style and is ideal for informal environments.

Velvet Skirt The selection

I love the pleated velvet skirts. It is easily combined with a pair of boots that match only the color of the skirt and a thin top.

Velvet Underwear

I told you that velvet is a seductive fabric type. What could be more attractive than a velvet underwear with a silky touch and bright colors?

Velvet Shoes and Bags

Of course, we wouldn’t be able not to talk about bags and shoes, which are the biggest passions of women.. The truth is, when it comes to velvet, shoes don’t matter to me whether they’re flats, boots or stilettos.. When the magic of velvet is reflected on the shoes, its alluring side immediately emerges.. The important thing is that they are velvet!

I mentioned that velvet clothes do not require many accessories.. However, as you know, the bag is one of the indispensable accessories that completes the combination.. Fortunately, velvet backpacks and handbags and even hair scarf-style pieces are easily available in the market.. With these pieces, you can create perfect styles by making the final touches in your combination.

Finally, I would like to mention that. There is a group that thinks velvet dresses are only suitable for thin women.. Do not listen to the words of this group, if you are overweight, enjoy this beautiful fabric by wearing dark tones and asymmetric cut velvets.. Goodbye…

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