Meditation Guide to Being a Good Parent

Meditation guide for being a good parent

The benefits of meditation for a stress-free life and a healthy mood are known to all of us.. But this article offers you a different perspective on meditation on how meditation communicates between you and your child.. Meditation helps you, as a parent, understand your child’s innate personal worth and feel at one with the universe and with it.. This may sound like a bold statement, but regular meditation with your children will make you a better parent.. Here are why:

  • We share our own self-awareness with our children
  • Parenting expert Vimala McClure mother knows that self-awareness is important. Because mother’s love gives confidence.” Indeed, children raised by stressful parents are also stressed.. If you are constantly running around for something and worry about your next job, this mood will be reflected in your children.. Have you ever noticed the change in your child’s face when you are somehow triggered by stress? Or have you ever noticed how your child’s behavior triggers long-forgotten memories and subconscious responses? And have you found yourself in a situation where you don’t know how to behave as a parent?

    Meditation has been scientifically proven to release the stress stored in our cells since childhood. begins to work for the release of maladaptive stress reactions. As the stress releases increase and you practice, you begin to feel calmer and calmer.

  • Meditation allows us to see and solve the things that determine the flow of life
  • Hear the stories you create in your mind when you meditate. and you start watching. Sometimes these stories can set your daily life agenda.. “If that happens, I can start the day off perfectly.” or “As soon as I get this done, I’ll make sure everyone understands me.” It helps. Meditation practice often stops you from living with subconscious commands and helps you through situations. It puts your child’s experience as well as your personal desires into it and helps you understand what’s going on. In short, meditation awakens your highest competencies, goals, and traits, turning you into a teammate compatible with your child.

  • Meditation makes you more honest with each other
  • With meditation, you teach your child not to lie. Because meditation allows you to see that even the smallest lies can cause problems in life.

    As Deepak Chopra, author of 7 spiritual rule books for parents, says, “We tell lies to keep ourselves safe and avoid the danger of punishment.. Fear of punishment increases internal tension, even if a lie protects us from perceived danger, it seldom relieves that internal tension.. However, telling the truth can do them.”

    For example, when your child does something that makes you angry, before you scold or punish him, take a deep breath and think: will punishing really solve the problem? Instead, look for a simple yet effective solution to the problem together.

  • It teaches you to be in the present.
  • Meditation teaches us to ‘go with the wind’ and the complex, exhausted and teaches us to be in the present even when we feel scared. It means not resisting and accepting those who are in the situation.. If we oppose, we are approaching a brand new moment and event with an old way of thinking or belief.. Meditation shows us how futile it is to be stuck in the past rather than being in the present.

    By returning to your own sense of breathing (awareness) or listening to the enchanting sound of your own mantra, we are more involved in the inevitable energy shifts during any conversation or relationship.

    When we allow ourselves to feel compassion, as in Metta meditation, we add to our existence on another level by working benevolence and kindness, even towards those with whom we are in conflict.. Through meditation, we learn to be more at peace and comfortable with ourselves, and we make ourselves more open to thanking our children, apologizing, and developments.


    Set your alarm for tomorrow 10 minutes earlier than usual. After waking up and washing your face, sit in a chair or armchair with your back against the wall.. Choose a comfortable position for your head. Now set your alarm for 5 minutes and start breathing calmly.. If you are starting to feel the confusion of thoughts, your higher mind has started to organize your day.. So smile at this awareness and try to focus on your breath again. If your body has started to twitch and move slowly, it may be due to your accumulated stress, but keep breathing.. Let your conscious breathing exercise continue until your alarm goes off.. smile now. You can feel ready for a happier day. Try to increase your breathing exercises to 20 minutes by adding 1 minute every day.

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