My Baby Is Afraid, Moaning, Leaping In His Sleep What Should I Do?

In babies, jumping, groaning and startle during sleep are very common infancy problems.. If your baby has these problems, you should have him examined by a Pediatrician as soon as possible.. If your doctor deems it necessary, he will take an EEG film and determine the cause of this condition in the child and apply the necessary treatment.

Question: My baby jumps a lot in his sleep when he is 7.5 months old.. Why?


Child Health and Diseases Dr.. Murat Aydın’s answer:  (It would be appropriate to be examined, these jumps are probably normal, but it would be appropriate to have an examination and EEG if necessary to distinguish it from conditions such as convulsions.)


strong> My baby has been moaning half awake in his sleep for a few days, he is only 3 months old, I wonder if something hurts? He doesn’t seem to have any discomfort when he is awake normally, I wonder why?


Child Health and Diseases Dr.. Murat Aydın’s answer: (Babies can have groaning sounds while they sleep, if there is no problem such as fever or cough, don’t worry.. However, it would be appropriate if you have it examined so as not to ignore it.)

Question: My baby has been bouncing in his sleep for 1 year. He sometimes screams and gets up, why?


Child Health and Diseases Dr.. Mehmet Öztürk’s answer:( Show your baby to a pediatric neurologist.)

Question: I have a 3-year-old son. He sometimes wakes up at night crying while sleeping. He seems afraid of something. He wants to sleep between me and my wife for days. What can I do about this? but when he wakes up, go to him and make him feel safe that you are with him. /strong>

Question: I have a 4-year-old daughter. Although she has a separate room, she comes to us in the early hours of the night and sleeps with us.. You can imagine how my wife and I are.. How many times at night I take him to bed while he sleeps, but after 5 at most 10 minutes, he comes back because I’m scared.. We can’t stand it and we take it with us again. We got all kinds of interesting things in his room.. We limited some of their things, we tried to deal with them with beauty and love, but unfortunately, none of them worked.. Can you please help me with this?


Pediatrician Murat Aydın’s answer: (Ataraks syrup 1 as a sedative before going to bed at night Drink a scale and put him to bed, since his sleep will not be interrupted, he will not be able to get up at night.)

Question: My baby is moaning in his sleep at night. He always keeps his hands in his mouth, why is he moaning?


Child Health and Diseases Dr.. Murat Aydın’s answer: (Depends on teething. There may be moodiness, groaning, fever, decreased appetite during teething periods.)

Question: My 2-month-old daughter moans before and during sleep.. a gassy baby. Could it be caused by gas?


Child Health and Diseases Dr.. Nuran Gürses’s answer: (It is probably related to gas, of course, there may be many other reasons, it is a situation that should be followed.)

Question: My son is 3 months old. time jumps in sleep. What could be the reason?


Child Health and Diseases Dr.. Asaf Güven’s answer: (This type of startle can be normal in children.)

Question:My son is 18 months old. He jumps a lot in his sleep, acts like pushing his feet forward, is this normal?


Child Health and Diseases Dr.. Murat Aydın’s answer: (It doesn’t matter if he has many jumps in his sleep, but if he has a lot of jumps, his EEG may need to be taken by a child neurologist.)

Child Health and Diseases Dr.. Seydi Battal’s answer: (This condition in your baby may be caused by a condition called Infantile Spasm. This disease, which has very mild symptoms, is actually a serious disease that can negatively affect the brain. The patient has symptoms such as jumping and convulsions that occur during sleep. Your child should be examined by a Pediatric Neurologist to be investigated in terms of infantile spasm (which has nothing to do with infantile colic).

Question: My 70-day-old baby is jumping while still sleeping, is this normal?


Child Health and Diseases Dr.. Halit Özkaya’s answer: (70 days old baby can jump in his sleep. This is normal.)

Question: My 11-month-old son makes a startle gesture a few times a day.. to put it more clearly, in the form of chills. You know, when I get cold, we adults startle like that, just like that.. At first I didn’t care much, but when it continued, I got nervous.. I wanted to ask you because there is no pediatric neurology dr in the city we live in.


Child Health and Diseases Dr.. Adnan Ayvaz’s answer: (Chilling, shaking-like movements without loss of consciousness are generally benign, we do not accept seizures.. Rarely associated with epilepsy. It is necessary to distinguish from epileptic seizure-like conditions.. It will be the healthiest way to go to a pediatric neurology examination by filming the situation you describe.. )

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