Plants That Prevent Flies and Insects from Entering Your Home

Some plants and flowers are enemies of intruders, especially on hot summer days. In some plants, on the contrary, they attract insects and pests from the outside.. Some people who like to grow flowers in their homes may step back from their hobby because of the insect problem. Here are plants and flowers that will keep insects away from your home.

Latin Flower

This type of flower adds color to your gardens and balconies. not only does it keep the flies away with the aroma it spreads into the air.. It supports the growth of flowers next to it and has a protective effect on vegetables.


Mint, ant, mosquito and It is the enemy of harmful insects such as mice.. You can keep these creatures away from your home by growing mint in parts of your home such as balconies, doorways and gardens.. The most ideal plant, especially for those with mouse phobia, is mint.


It is very effective to keep mosquitoes and flies away.. Basil to be kept in front of windows, balconies and doors prevents these harmful pests from entering your home.


The plant called Allium does not allow species such as aphids and slugs to come close to its surroundings.. At the same time, it drives away insect species, which are the enemies of various plants, from that area.. If some of your plants are damaged by insects, you can try growing alliums nearby.


Very easy on balconies and windowsills Rosemary is a plant that is the enemy of mosquitoes, houseflies and vegetable bugs.. It is also used to add flavor to meals and is very beneficial for health.


The smell and pleasant appearance of lavender has many benefits. liked by people. In addition to these features, it has a repellent feature against harmful creatures such as fleas, mosquitoes, houseflies and moths.. You can take advantage of these features we have listed by having lavender on the balcony area and glass edges of the house.

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