I try to write articles that can respond to your requests as much as I can.. In fact, my goal is to not only follow fashion, but also to offer something for needs.. One of them is on stylish, romantic hairstyles that you often come across.. We talked about the hairstyles that we can easily do daily.. (we’ll talk more). Today, I have compiled romantic hairstyles based on celebrities to give you an idea to use on special nights.

The reflection of the Hollywood glamor of the 40s in the hair is these big waves. Hollywood celebrities often use this model in all fashion shows and gala nights.. Another thing I like about this hair is that it makes the face look weaker, especially compared to the straight haircut.. Because straight hair is beautiful, but they make your face look wider.. Also, when you part your hair from the side, not from the middle, like Blake Lively or Coco Rocha, your facial features will become softer and prevent it from looking round.

Here’s my favorite. Believe me, I use it a lot in daily life (especially in those very hot days of summer).. Generally, a bun is used on the neck these days, which I will also talk about.. However, since this model is a high bun (take care to make it as taut, tight and high as possible), it will also stretch your face, so you will both get a more lively and youthful appearance and will help you look slimmer by making your face look longer.

Knobs on the nape have of course been around for years. However, they are now in a more modern form.. A tight bun made only on the neck will also make you look very stylish and elegant.. Also, this hair is quite timeless and classic.. You can use this model plain or animated with hair accessories.. Here I would like to show you some more trendy hair accessories of the year

Here are the most modern and elegant forms of buns on the neck, crowned with these accessories. The most popular ones are the side shapes, made with wavy hair.. Don’t forget to leave out a few pinches as well.

If we’re talking about romantic hair, it would be okay to ignore braids. Whether you use it in a ponytail or part of a bun. As long as you don’t miss the braids in your hair.

If you’re wondering about my choice, Blake Lively’s model decorated with a braided, messy-looking brooch.. A very natural style with a modern, elegant, effortless look.

Come on, make your choice.


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