Seda Sayan Talked About Şeyma Subaşı’s Book: This Book Should Be Concluded Or She May Go To Jail!

There has been a new reaction about the book ‘Only Şeyma’ by Şeyma Subaşı, which is one of the most talked about topics in the magazine agenda lately.. Seda Sayan reacted to the advice of “Don’t forget the hydraulic acid and moisturizer” in the book and said, “Şeyma’s book should be collected“.

Another noteworthy statement about Şeyma Subaşı’s controversial book came from the singer Seda Sayan, who hosted the program ‘Eating’ , attracted attention with the statement “Şeyma’s book should be collected”. The beloved singer Seda Sayan spoke as follows:

“Are you sure about hydraulic acid, people will go blind. Do you know what he would say; hyaluronic acid. This is the original. This book needs to be collected. this is very important thing. Get punished here. All kinds of punishment. Now you say ‘use this’, let’s say the user is blind. If this book says something like that, it’s over.”

“This Book Should Be Recapped, He’ll Get in Trouble!”

“I say it as a TV personality of the years. In this book, it says rub hydraulic acid on your face and it burned folks; do not. It’s called hyaluronic acid. This book needs to be collected. If anyone buys this book and tries to implement it, the publishing house will be in trouble.. This book should be collected.”

“This Matter Will Go To Court, It May Even Go To Jail”

“This matter goes to court, he can even go to jail.. Someone burns and throws them in jail. This is a very dangerous situation.. That stuff is toilet cleaner! So, just because it’s been tried, everyone who reads it big and small may want to use it.. don’t use it. Do not apply, keep away from children. Don’t even touch your hand.”

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