Space-Saving Furniture

When the house gets smaller, it is important to choose suitable and functional items for the small house. Here, space-saving furniture designs and decoration ideas are at esraninportresi.com

I’m sure you’ve noticed like me. While the old houses have larger square meters, when you demolish and renovate the house, the houses can shrink by up to 50%.. As such, old items do not fit in the new house.. When the house gets smaller, decoration becomes more important.. In addition to furniture suitable for the small house, it is also necessary to choose functional items. That’s why I’ve compiled space-saving furniture designs and again space-saving decorating ideas. Here you can find some cool ideas that I think you’ll like.

Space-Saving Furniture

Space-saving solutions in the kitchen : The place where we women spend most of our time is the kitchen of the house. We know that a tidy kitchen and being able to find what you are looking for in a practical and easy way makes the time spent in the kitchen more enjoyable and also makes things easier to finish.. Here are 3 suggestions above that can help you do just that.

Saving space in the kitchen solutions : Everything has developed and changed so much now that everyone is trying to prefer the most functional one.. Kitchen cabinets are not enough for us women sometimes. However, there are such cabinets that there are even cabinets built into the walls that are enough to collect all the kitchen utensils you think are lying around.

Space-saving  desk solutions : Speaking of kitchens, I thought we should take a look at the tables we eat at.. I wanted to share it with you because what I found while researching was very interesting to me.. Unfortunately, there is no room for huge tables in our small homes.. Here are the space-saving desk solutions that I think are space-saving yet comfortable.. What I liked the most was a very functional solution that transforms from a table to a table

Space-saving office furniture : Offices are one of the places where space is very limited or can be. Apart from a few people working in the same room, there are many people who do their work at home, that is, what is called home-office.. However, houses are not possible enough to allocate a room to office.. Here are space-saving office furniture developed for such situations.

Stairway to save space : If you live in a 2-storey house with an internal staircase, stairwells are also one of the places to be evaluated.. Although stairwells are generally used as warehouses, I also liked the library and shelf solutions as below.

Practical solutions that save space : Another issue as important as the decoration of the house and the functionality of the selected furniture is the practical items and solutions you actually use.. Here, as I tried to explain, you will see two examples below.. One is a dish rack, a little different from what we know, but will save space, and the other is a soap dish that will save space in the bathroom.. Interesting and practical solutions, both of which we need

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