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In our article titled under-suit shoes, we will provide information about the shoe selections for suits, which are indispensable for suit combinations that men frequently use, from special occasions to daily combinations. and it is difficult to decide which color suit and which color shoes to choose.. However, after knowing certain rules, it is not difficult to choose shoes to wear under the suit.. Let’s see the details about the shoe models under the suit.

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Shoes Under a Suit

Since there are so many suit options, the choice of shoes under the suit is also seen in many different styles and colors.. Before choosing shoes for the suit, you should know the style of the suit and the details of the model.

When choosing shoes under the suit, which you will use in formal occasions such as a business suit, you should choose patent leather shoes.

Sports When choosing shoes under a suit, your preference should always be matte colors.

For example, when choosing shoes under a black suit, using patent leather shoes, that is, shiny shoes, will increase your elegance.

Navy blue. When choosing shoes under a suit, using your choice of dark shoes will allow you to get more effective results.. Let’s see what color shoes go with which color suit.

Shoe Colors to Wear Under the Suit

Black shoes under a black suit are always a combination that offers high-level elegance.. Therefore, when choosing shoes under a black suit, we say don’t be surprised by black.

You can use dark brown, black and burgundy as shoes under a navy blue suit.

You can use brown, tan as shoes under a dark gray suit. You can choose color, smoked gray and black shoes.

Your only option for shoes under the coal black suit is black.. Using shoes other than black shoes will affect your elegance negatively.

You can use light brown, gray, black tan shoes as shoes under a light gray suit.

Men’s Suit

You are a little luckier when choosing shoes under a white suit.. Because you can use brown, tan, white, black, burgundy, brick-colored shoes under a white suit.

White shoes may not always look good under a white suit.. For example, when you use a gray shirt in a white suit and a reading made with black gray harmony, you should prefer black shoes instead of white shoes under this white suit.. As it can be understood from here, the color of the shirt chosen for the suit is effective when choosing the shoe models under the suit.

The colors of the shoes under the champagne suit are dark blue, burgundy, tan, brick color and gray.

We see all shades of brown as shoes under a cream suit.. Apart from coffee tones, you can also use dark navy blue and light navy blue shoes as shoes under a cream suit.

We see black, burgundy, brown, tan and brick colors among the shoe colors under a blue suit.

You can choose camel colors, brown tones and black shoes as shoes under the brown suit.

You can use gray and all brown tones shoes as shoes under the camel hair suit.

As you can see, you can easily use shoes in brown tones with almost all suit models.. While matching the suit with the shoes, the harmony between the shoe style and the suit style must also be ensured.

While you use sneakers as your choice of shoes for sports suit combinations, you can use moccasins, leotards, stitched shoes, lace-up shoes for suits that you will use in formal environments. .

Tassel, oxford, vingtip, vhole cut, longwing, brogue, cap toe, single, derby, double and penny leofer shoes can also be among your choices as shoe models.

The set If you need more details about the choice of dress shoes, you can review the images we have compiled from the latest trends of the season.

Picture Gallery Shoes to be Worn Under the Suit

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