The Relationship Between Materialism and Parenting

The relationship between parenting and materialism in children

A recent University of Missouri-Columbia study shows that some parenting methods make children more materialistic. showed that it caused. The findings of the study are conclusions that can be reached with common sense, but are important because they highlight a range of parenting tactics that do more harm than good to our children. Using it as a tool causes children to grow up more materialistic.. Marsha Richins, who conducted the research, says that when things are used in this way, “our children are more likely to judge their own success and the success of others by their possessions.”

This It is quite possible that children who grow up with this method will choose this way to reward themselves throughout their lives.. This will also have a negative impact on their happiness and future relationships.

The researchers call this method Material Parenting and Richins explains why raising a materialistic child is not an ideal situation. explains. These children are more likely to get into debt and fight with their spouses over money as they grow up.. They are also at a higher risk of problem gambling. So what’s the alternative to this? Many of us have grown up with material purchased with money as punishment and reward.. Therefore, it will not be easy to get rid of this habit at first.

According to the researchers, you should not give up showing your love with gifts completely, you should repeat this from time to time.. “The best gift you can give your child is your time, love and attention,” Richa says. “If we focus more on spending time together rather than buying things, we’ll raise happy and confident children who don’t need stuff to feel complete.”


If your family raised you materialistically, you would naturally think that this is the way to show love and attention.. So what other ways are there to show love to our children, to punish and reward them? For example, if your kids are young, you can reward them by taking them to the park or throwing a dance party in your living room.. In slightly older children, it will be more difficult to try alternative ways, especially if they are used to gifts. You can find many studies on this subject on the Internet, so you can enrich your own methods.

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