There is a remedy that melts belly fat: cucumber tea recipe

There is a remedy for melting belly fat, especially for people who work sitting down. Now you can melt your belly fat in a short time with cucumber tea. Make sure to use this cucumber tea as a one-to-one solution for belly fat and belly fat.

Cucumber tea recipe that melts belly fat

Preparing cucumber tea

1 fresh cucumber, 1 sugar spoon grated ginger, 1 sliced ​​lemon, 10-12 sprigs of fresh mint, 5 -6 sprigs of fresh parsley

Put these ingredients in 1 liter of water overnight and leave it until the morning. Drink this tea on an empty stomach 1 hour before each meal. This tea will make your digestive system work in your intestines and burn more fat. When you use this tea, be careful not to eat bread and dessert. Eat a slice of wheat bread at every meal.


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