They Produced Lamborghini Aventador Brand Vehicles Using 3D Printer

The project of a physicist father and son to produce a Lamborghini Aventador using a 3D printer draws attention. The tech-savvy duo is working tirelessly to complete the supercar that many dream of.. Most people can only dream of owning a car, as such supercars are sold at high prices in every country of the world.. Thinking why this dream should not come true, Sterling Backus and his son started the project to produce a Lamborghini Aventador brand vehicle using a 3D printer.. The aim of the father and son, who are progressing in their projects, is to prove that anything can be done with science and technology and to make young people love science. identified the parts needed for. Later, the determined parts started to be produced with a 3D printer.. Father and son, who did not want to face legal problems, designed some parts differently.. While producing the parts of Lamborghini Aventador, they used production materials used for 3D printers such as PLA and ABS. inserted carbon fiber, an extremely durable material, between the resulting pieces. The vehicle, produced with a 3D printer, has the engine of a 2003 Corvette LS1.. Some parts of the vehicle, such as the transmission and differential, were also supplied from Porsche 911.

Father and son state that they spent 20,000 USD for the Lamborghini Aventador project.. Stating that the project has more deficiencies, the duo announced that when the works are completely finished, the cheapest Lamborghini in the world will be the car they produce.. Those who want to follow the 3D Lamborghini Aventador project closely can follow the progress of the project by clicking here.

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