Tips for easy makeup this winter

Tips for easy makeup this winter

If you want to complete your makeup with a modern look this fall winter, here are three simple and easy ways to help you achieve it! Trust me, even if you’re new to makeup 2015 your autumn winter trend dark make-up will look like you did a professional with these tips, and you will be able to do it easily and quickly.


If you want a sexy and sharp-lined look for a great look, you can use a smoky look. try eye makeup! Add and use a little black or brown eyeshadow to give you an effect in your makeup.

Smokey eye makeup, also known as Smokey Eyes, looks as if the area around your eyes is smoky. Generally dark tones (black, dark smoked, dark blue with black, burgundy and brown with green used black, black with blue, brown. While making Smokey eyes make-up, not only the top of the eyelid but also the lower part of the eyes are painted and lightly distributed. And the eyes appear larger and more emphasized in this way. It adds a fascinating beauty to every woman when applied correctly and suitable for the eye shape.


Dark lipstick instantly adds a nice touch to make you look more attractive. But you should make sure that you choose the most suitable lipstick shade for your skin tone. Purple, burgundy and plum colors look great on brunettes and wheatish skinned women. Dark red, wine red and dark pink should be the choice of blonde and auburn women. Once you choose one, use a brush to apply the right color to give it a clean and spotless look.. If you are choosing a dark lip color, do not overdo it with your eye makeup, remember!


Aren’t you ready for dark lips and smoky eyes? no problem. You can try some nail polish colors to warm up to the idea of ​​dark and dark winter makeup.. You can paint your nails with black, dark brown or even gray nail polishes. Choosing nail polish among these colors will help to transition to autumn and winter. | Our article titled 2021 provides information about big eye makeup, smoky eye makeup and under-eye concealer.

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