What are the safest ways to get rid of nose hair?

The hairs in the nose have very important functions, although they are sometimes ugly to the eye.. One of the biggest benefits of nose hair is that it protects the moisture in the inhaled air and another benefit is that it prevents harmful substances from entering the body.. Thanks to the nose hairs, dust, small insects, bacteria and viruses inhaled from the air are filtered and thus these substances are kept away from the body system.. Therefore, nose hair has an important function.. However, the nose hairs do not need to be very long in order to fulfill this function.. You can shorten and remove nose hair by applying the methods we will explain below.

Is Removing Hair in the Nose Harmful for Health?

Dr. Şenol Baş gives the following information on this matter:

“Removing the nasal hair from the root will cause drying in the nose. In fact, after the removal of these hairs, inflammation may occur in the hair follicles.. For these reasons, if you have hairs hanging out on your nose, you should only cut the ends with scissors without removing them from the root.. Removing your nose hair with a nose hair removal machine is not good for nasal health, so I do not recommend it to anyone.”

How Can I Get Rid of My Nose Hair?

Scissors Method

Like all our body, the hairs growing inside the nose are also natural and important.. If you are complaining about your nose hair being visible, there are different safe methods that can be applied to trim the ends instead of pulling the hair out from the root.. One of them is scissors and there are special scissors for removing nose hair. You can clean the hairs in the nose with a special nose clipper.. You can find the scissors to be used in doing this in cosmetic stores, online shopping sites on the internet or in pharmacies.. Apart from these, household cloth scissors or round children’s scissors are not suitable for cutting nose hair, you may cause wound formation.

Use Nose Hair Machine

To clean nose hair You can use a nose hair machine for. This machine does not take time as it is practical and only takes a few minutes to get. This machine has a cylindrical attachment at the end and insert it into your nostril without going too far.. When you press the button of the machine, this apparatus will remove the hair from the root, you just have to rotate the machine to the right and left at different degrees.

Ice Laser

You can have ice laser done to destroy the hair on the nose or to prevent it from growing.. The device used in the ice laser has a special tip, which easily reaches the hairs on the nose and makes precise application.. Today, the technology of ice laser hair removal is quite advanced and gives better results in difficult areas such as the nose.

Removal with tweezers

Experts say that nose hair should not be removed with tweezers.. It will be much healthier to clean the hairs by trimming them instead of pulling them out with tweezers.. Otherwise, this process will be very painful and the nose will lose its protection against dirt and bacteria because you take it from the root.. In this case, the harmful substances you inhale will easily enter the body.. If you are still insistent on using tweezers, you can only pull out the hairs that are too visible from the outside, otherwise you should not remove the hairs inside.. In addition, you must wash and dry the tweezers you will use to remove the nose hairs with antibacterial soap and water before use. Depilatory cream should never be used. Because the depilatory cream contains very strong chemicals and when these substances are applied so close to the nose, the mucous membrane burns and is also inhaled with toxic gas.. Therefore, depilatory cream is not a suitable method for removing nasal hair.

What Does Nose Hair Do?

The reason why there are congenital hairs on the nose is because of the heat of the inhaled air. is to prevent the entry of substances that will cause disease in the body, such as heavy metals, dust, pollen and harmful chemicals, into the body through respiration.. As a result of the researches carried out by the experts, it has been understood that the complaints of asthma and nasal congestion are much less common in people with a lot of nose.

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