What Causes Tongue Blackness In Babies And Adults, How Does It Go?

Blackening of the tongue is a condition that occurs when the whole or part of the tongue is darkened.. Blackening on the tongue surface may also be accompanied by black hair on the tongue.. People with black tongues often suffer from a bad taste and dryness in their mouth.. Tongue blackening may also occur in babies due to infection or as a side effect of drugs used.

What causes blackening in the tongue?

Dead cell accumulation


The tongue is a muscular organ and covered with mucous membranes.. On the upper surface of the tongue are tiny tiny projections called papillae.. When these protrusions grow and dead cells accumulate in the tongue, blackening, black spots, black spots may occur in the tongue over time.. The change in the appearance of the tongue usually starts at the back of the tongue and progresses to the front of the tongue.


This bad habit can also cause blackening in the tongue and inside the mouth over time.

Side effects of drugs

Various drugs, especially antibiotics, can disrupt the bacterial balance in the mouth and cause side effects such as blackening of the tongue. Medicines containing bismuth are also among the factors that increase the risk of blackening in the tongue.

Poor oral hygiene

Not brushing the teeth regularly, neglecting oral hygiene also causes bacteria to accumulate and blacken on the tongue. may cause.

Mouth breathing

According to the Georgia Ministry of Public Health data, mouth breathing can also cause blacking of the tongue. Breathing through the mouth allows bacteria to enter through the mouth and leads to the development of bacteria in the papilla, thus blackening of the tongue occurs.

Use of mouthwash

Peroxide, witch hazel Using mouthwashes containing menthol, astringent and other oxidizing agents may cause blackening of the tongue. You should go and have the cause of this darkening in the tongue determined.

  • To treat blackening of the tongue, you should pay close attention to oral hygiene, brush your teeth regularly and use dental floss.
  • 2-2 a day for oral health, You should continue to drink 5 liters of water.
  • Choose those that do not contain menthol and peroxide in the mouthwashes you use.
  • If blackening of the tongue occurs as a side effect of the drug, replace the drug with its equivalent.
  • You can consume pineapple for the discoloration of the tongue. For this, cut the pineapple into small pieces, put it in your mouth, suck it for 40 seconds, and then chew it for 8 minutes.. Repeat 2 times a day for 8-10 days.
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