What foods are good for stress?

Stress is literally the plague of our age, or our hand is a limb like an arm. We cannot breathe without it, or it does not allow us to breathe. In the rush of life, from the moment we wake up in the morning and open our eyes, we start to be filled with stress. The stress of what to wear, the stress of being late for work, the stress of raising the child to school or the service, the stress of meeting, the stress of being successful… The list goes on and on. There are moments when we cannot bring the right perspective to events and situations because of stress, we make mistakes. Here are some things we need to do to deal with a problem that affects our lives so much. In order to combat stress we must do sports, have a plan, we must not grow things within ourselves, and of course, we must pay attention to what we eat. In fact, besides paying attention to what we eat, there are foods that can help us a lot in coping with stress. Today, I wanted to look at foods that are good for stress, which is a very important fact of life.

Salmon, which is good for stress : To keep stress under control, you should consume a naturally oily fish such as salmon. The omega-3 fatty acids in salmon help prevent the increase of stress-causing hormones, protect against heart disease and depression. If possible and if there is no other obstacle in terms of health, it is recommended to consume salmon 2 times a week.

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