What Is Good For Gas Pain, Stomach Bloating? The Most Effective Natural Remedies

The air expelled by burping or anus in every human being is called gas.. People pass gas an average of 14 times a day.. In some people, this gas causes pain and stomach bloating.. Gas is found in the stomach and large intestines. The formation of gas occurs in two ways, It occurs with air swallowed from the mouth while eating or drinking, the other occurs when the food that has not been fully digested by reaching the large intestine is spoiled by the bacteria there. Gases in the stomach are usually odorless, carbon dioxide, oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen and sometimes methane.. Gas coming out of the anus becomes foul-smelling due to bacteria. Among the reasons that increase gas formation are;. Foods that cause gas for some people may not for others.. In this article, we will talk about natural treatment ways that are good for gas-related stomach pain and bloating.. You can buy all of the plants listed below from online.

Prof. Dr.. From İbrahim Saracoğlu Gas Remover, Cure That Allows You to Remove Gas 1. Recipe

Boil a few slices of root ginger in boiling water, the size of 50 kuruş, in 1 glass of water for 5 minutes on low heat, then let it cool. Drink 1 glass of water after dinner. It should be applied fresh for 1 month

Prof. Dr.. Gas Remover by İbrahim Saracoğlu, Cure That Allows You to Remove Gas 2. Recipe

1 teaspoon of broom seed is crushed in a mortar and swallowed with 3-4 sips of water.. Should be used for 15-20 days. If heather cannot be found, fresh or dried hibiscus can also be used.. Hibiscus is not beaten, 1 teaspoon is poured directly into a glass of water and drunk.. Hibiscus tea is also good for irritable bowel syndrome.. Apart from these, lemon balm tea can also be used.. While Melissa lemon tea is good for gas and bloating, it also has a calming effect.

Gas Remover, Cure Recipe That Helps You Remove Gas from Suna Dumankaya, Herbal Specialist
250 grams of ground salt-free Mix roasted chickpeas, 100 grams of ground seizure sugar, 50 grams of ground mastic gum, 50 grams of fennel and 50 grams of anise.. Swallow a teaspoon of this every morning and night before going to bed.. It is also helpful to eat a fig and apricot and drink a glass of warm water in the morning.. Also, make sure to take walks in the fresh air.

How to Relieve Intestinal Gas? Natural and Practical Methods You Can Apply at Home

Chamomile tea

Chamomile relaxes the digestive system and helps you get rid of gas and bloating. Thanks to its anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic properties, chamomile naturally treats heartburn, menstrual cramps and joint pain.. Put 1 teaspoon of dried chamomile or 1 tea of ​​chamomile tea in 1 glass of boiling water and infuse for 3-5 minutes. Keep drinking 3 cups of chamomile tea a day.


Cinnamon relaxes your stomach and prevents gas formation. Add a teaspoon of cinnamon powder to a glass of hot milk, mix well and drink.. If you want to add sweetener, you can add a teaspoon of honey.. If you do not want to drink milk, you can add a teaspoon of cinnamon to a glass of hot water and drink it.

Apple Vinegar

You can use apple cider vinegar for gas problems related to indigestion. Soothes your stomach and facilitates digestion. Add a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar to a glass of warm (warm) water.. Drink after the water has cooled to room temperature.

Dandelion tea

Dandelion tea is a natural diuretic and laxative, helping to regulate the digestive system, reducing gas and bloating. helps to save. Add 1 teaspoon of dried dandelion leaves to a glass of boiling water.. Let it brew for 3-5 minutes. You can add some lemon and honey to sweeten it. Keep drinking a few glasses of this tea every day to prevent or treat bloating.

Carbonate & Lemon

This mixture, which is frequently used at home for gas problems, is also useful for gas relief. It will be another helper that helps you get rid of and relax.. Squeeze a lemon into 1 glass of water, add some baking soda. Add water when it is finished foaming.. Since baking soda and lemon contain acids that help balance your stomach acid, it will be an effective solution to your gas problem.


Because of its antibacterial properties, garlic is especially useful for microbial gas problems. very effective. Garlic also has properties that balance stomach temperature and gastric acid.. Finely chop 3-5 cloves of garlic, boil it in a pot of water with a little black pepper.. When you take it from the stove and the temperature of the water drops to room temperature, filter the sediments and drink the water.. If you do this 2-3 times a day, you will see positive results in a few days.. You can also consume 1-2 cloves of garlic a day.


Fennel helps you quickly get rid of your bloating and gas problem.. Add a teaspoon of fennel to a pot of water and boil it.. After cooling to room temperature, strain into a glass and drink as tea.. You can also consume the seeds by chewing them.


Mint is among the popular plants with its pleasant smell and delicious aroma, as well as another helper that you can use for gas problems and stomach bloating.. Add a teaspoon of dried mint leaves to a glass of boiled water.. After it is infused for 5-6 minutes, add some honey and drink it 3-4 times a day.. You can also chew mint leaves.. Alternatively, add 2 drops of peppermint oil to half a glass of cold water and drink it once or twice a day.


Pleasant-smelling clove will also help you get rid of stomach bloating. is a plant. 2-3 pieces of dry cloves that you can chew after meals will be helpful in relieving your bloating problems.

Warm Water

If you feel so bloated and sore that you can’t eat anything; Drinking warm water at regular intervals will help solve your problem.

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