What is Permanent Makeup?

With the arrival of summer, the demand for permanent makeup application is increasing day by day.. So what is permanent makeup? How is it done? Are there any harm? What are the advantages? How long is it permanent? Is it a painful procedure? Can it be deleted if I get bored? We have compiled the answers to your questions here.

Permanent Makeup; It is a coloring process by injecting skin-compatible dyes into a layer of the skin with the help of a needle.. Does not provide lifetime permanence like tattoo. It disappears after a while by being erased by itself.

How to Make Permanent Makeup?

  • First of all, it is determined which parts of the person the person wants to apply makeup.
  • Then the person’s proportions are determined. appropriate shapes are determined.
  • If eyebrow application is to be made, the eyebrow shapes, which we call the golden ratio eyebrow or measured eyebrow, are determined by drawing.
  • The preferred color is selected by determining the lines for lip coloring. .
  • Then, coloring is done by the specialist with the help of the appropriate needle apparatus.

Permanent Makeup Eyebrow Application

It is a technique applied to shape and color the eyebrows.. In this technique, before the application, the appropriate shape is determined and the drawing is made by giving the appearance of hair in a natural appearance.

This application, also called microblading eyebrow application, is injected one layer under the skin and skin-compatible dyes are used.

In permanent eyebrow application, the eyebrows should not be touched with water for the first 3 days after the application. Apart from this, with a second touch-up done after 3 months or 6 months, your eyebrows will become permanent for up to 1 year. It is normal to have pain and bleeding.. However, in case of excessive bleeding, the procedure is not performed.

Permanent Lipstick Application

Permanent lipstick application, which is applied as a permanent lip coloring procedure, is an ideal application especially for ladies whose lip line is not clear and whose lip color pigment has been lost.

It is also among the first choices of women who want to look well-groomed at all times.. Normal lipstick can also be used on permanent lipstick.

The application takes an average of 1.5 hours . Its permanence lasts up to 3 years depending on the touch-ups to be applied in between.. During the procedure, the lip is numbed with the help of cream.. The application is again performed with disposable needles.

Permanent Aylaynır Application

In the permanent application, several types of aylaynır are drawn in accordance with the person, so that the person prefers it.. The model preferred by the person and also suitable for the eye structure is applied.. The application takes on average 1.5 hours . A numbing cream is applied to the bottom of the eyelashes beforehand.

Permanent Ayaynır application stays up to 3 years . It is important not to touch water and soap for the first 3 days after the application.

Permanent Foundation Application

The most curious of permanent makeup applications is actually permanent foundation application.. It is the foundation application that actually forms the basis of make-up.. That’s why the idea of ​​always having a smooth and luminous skin is undoubtedly great.

However, what is mentioned here is not actually a kind of make-up or coloring process.. On the contrary, it would be more accurate to say that it is a kind of intensified skin care.

Permanent foundation application is the process of cleaning the skin and clearing the skin from spots with the help of substances obtained from needles and special flowers, and at the same time making it bright.

The average duration of this application is 1 year.. Initially, it is applied at intervals of 10 days and in 3 sessions.. It is very important for the permanence of the process to stay away from applications such as intense peeling and laser in the first month.. It can be applied in all seasons and is very effective at the same time.

Who Should Not Do Permanent Makeup?

  • For those who tend to have scars,
  • For those who breastfeed,
  • Pregnant,
  • Diabetes patients,
  • People with acne, etc. infection in the application area,
  • Receiving chemotherapy,
  • Patients with epilepsy,
  • Infection patients,
  • Not suitable for herpes patients.. If you have any other ailment and a medication that you use all the time, you should definitely tell your specialist about it.. In addition, do not make the application by non-expert hands and in places where you are not sure that it is sterile.. Otherwise, you may be exposed to serious infectious diseases.

How Long Does Permanent Makeup Last?

If you wish, let’s gather the permanence rates I have mentioned above one by one under a single heading.

  • Permanent eyebrow application; It lasts up to 3 years,
  • Permanent lipstick can last for 3 years if it is touched up in the same way.
  • Permanent Ayylanr application lasts for 3 years like other eye treatments.
  • Permanent foundation application lasts for 1 year.
  • Other than all these, permanent nail polish You can also examine the eyelash lifting processes.

As the applications are made with needles, it is very important that these needles are disposable.. Since the needles penetrate under the skin and bleeding can occur, there is no needle type that can be used by sterilizing it.

What are the Advantages of Permanent Makeup?

  • It can be used in areas such as pool, sea, shower. It makes you look with make-up even after removing it.
  • Makes your deformed eyebrows fuller and more prominent,
  • Discoloration of the discolored lips is eliminated,
  • In people whose lip lines are not prominent lip lines become more pronounced.
  • If you have skin problems, permanent foundation application can be used to fix them.
  • The problem of pulling ointments, which always causes problems, is permanently eliminated.
  • Continuous It allows you to look well-groomed and well-groomed without make-up.

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