What is Sun In Hair Opener Price, How Is It Used?

To lighten hair color, you can try sun in hair lightening spray, in this article we gave information about how to use this spray.. It gives your hair a bright, healthy and natural highlight with lemon extracts.

There are 2 products on the market: sun in tropical breeze and sun in lemon fresh hair lightening spray.. Its price is 38.90 TL.

If you apply it to dyed and treated hair, you will get a bad result, the spray is only suitable for natural, uncolored hair.

How to use Sun in hair lightener?

Wash your hair and dry it with a towel.

Spray Sun’s hair lightening spray to the areas you want to open on your hair.

And comb your hair so that the lightener is evenly distributed throughout the hair.

Take a lot of sunbathing, being careful not to get the sun on your head, or dry your hair with a dryer for 1-2 hours.

Using Sun’s hair spray will give better results on blondes or auburn hair (medium brown hair).

It may cause red shadows instead of yellow on dark brown hair.

It is not recommended to be used on dyed, highlighted and ombre hair.

It does not contain metallic dyes, it is herbal formula.

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