What Should Pregnant Women Do for Cough, Herbal Treatment for Cough in Pregnant Women

Cough is a common health problem in pregnant women.. Cough is often accompanied by sputum. Dry cough can also be experienced severely, especially at night.. If you do not want to use cough syrup during pregnancy, this article is for you.. In this article, we will talk about natural treatment methods for cough during pregnancy.

I’m Pregnant I Cough A Lot, What Should I Do? Experienced Pregnants Answer

  • Honey with milk makes the throat soft, for cough, peel the red apple, cut both the apple and the peel into cubes and boil it, it instantly stops the cough, I am 7 months pregnant last week I was coughing, I did all this.
  • Grade the fresh ginger root and put it in a teaspoon, pour some honey on a slice of lemon, pour boiling water on it and infuse for five minutes, then drink it.. I’ve been coughing for three weeks when I was pregnant too, this is the most relief.
  • Drop a few drops of lemon into olive oil and drink it a few times, believe me, you will see the benefits, I tried it
  • Cook the quince eat or, put the quinces in water with a slice, boil them, drink the quince juice, it helps to stop the cough.
  • Drink plenty of hot water with honey, mix black cumin and molasses, eat 1 spoon a day, it is very good for cough. .
  • Put quince leaves in water and boil them, drink quince leaf juice, coughing will stop immediately.
  • Drink pear juice or boil apple juice is very good for you.
  • Sahlep is good, and you can add 1 apple to 1 liter of water and boil it and drink it hot.
  • Squeeze honey, black pepper and lemon into the hot water for coughing or something. it doesn’t stay
  • Mix a little honey with black pepper in the cup and it cuts right away, get well soon my dear.
  • Relieve cough in pregnancy naturally try to get over it, don’t use medicine, ginger, cinnamon and honey, mix them every day, eat a spoon and drink warm water on it, then squeeze a lemon and make lemonade with warm water and add a cube of sugar in it, I got through these, I hope it will be good for you too.
  • I was in the same situation as you, because I was pregnant, I had to cough naturally, I would recommend everything but a cup of menengiç coffee was enough.
  • I also had a cough left over from the flu, my doctor He gave you a syrup called prosban, it’s herbal and it’s not harmful for the baby. Also, you mixed ginger with honey 2 times a day and ate it, it’s been 2 days
  • The mixture of dry coffee and honey is a good try for cough.
  • Put the figs in the milk, let the figs be cut and cooked in the robot, and drink warmly in the robot. I was doing it every night
  • The same thing happened to me when I was 15 weeks pregnant, I couldn’t breathe because of coughing, especially at night, it wouldn’t let me sleep.. Drink 2 teaspoons of honey and the juice of half a fresh lemon in half a glass of water at a temperature that you can drink at night for 3-4 days before going to bed, it feels incredibly good. Olips sugar, he suggested that I melt it in hot water and squeeze a lemon and drink it, and then put three olips sugars in the coffee pot, put a little more than a glass of water on it, let it boil, then put it in a glass after the sugars melt and drink it by squeezing half a lemon on it.
  • Honey and black radish are very good for cough. A medium sized radish is good without damaging the bottom part of it, then hollow it out, then pierce the bottom with a small needle or a toothpick, put honey in it, put it on a glass and do it at night. eat a tablespoon and continue this for a few days, I hope it will heal, but the sun will not see it and we do it every time, it works.
  • Mix the locust molasses with hot water Drink as you cough, that’s what I did
  • Drink pomegranate syrup 2 times a day, 1 or 2 tablespoons, your cough will stop.
  • I couldn’t stand it so I went to the doctor and took antibiotics. My doctor prescribed antibiotics that are safe to use during pregnancy.. Herbal things are temporary, I’ve tried everything, they didn’t work, I say go to the doctor.
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